ATL_2017 Greater Atlanta DIY Fundraising

The Aspire Group

Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Nip Breast Cancer in the Bud

For details on initiatives Aspire will be participating through October see below. We're encouraging participation from all employees, however, it is OPTIONAL. We also encourage you to invite your Athletic Departments to participate in the fun.

Schedule & Details

  • Every Friday, Aspire will participate in #AspirePinkOut (no buy-in required) – wear pink in some form or fashion to show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA).
    • FRMCs/employees are encouraged to send their photos to marketing to post on social and include in the newsletter.
  • Aspire will highlight all partners who are doing PINK OUT games throughout the rest of the month of October. If your athletic department is participating in these types of events/games, please send the details to Marketing.
    • Also – at the game, send pictures of any pre/half-time shows that honor BCA or your staff wearing PINK!
  • For #PinkWednesdays, we encourage employees to send us the name(s) of those they wear pink for as a part of “I wear pink for ______.”

  • October 23-27 is dress down week, but there is a buy-in.*
    • 1 Day – $5 
    • 2 Days – $8 
    • 3 Days - $10
    • 4 Days - $12
    • 5 Days - $15
    • Dress down week is subject to your FRMC Leader’s approval.
    • The goal is for Aspire to raise $1,000!
    • If each of you donated just $5 a piece, we can reach that goal! All donations will be donated to Susan G. Komen for the fight against breast cancer.
    • If you would like to donate but are unable to dress down, you may do so here!
    • *For dress down week, the appropriate casual attire is jeans (free of holes) and a nice top or school polo. 
  • October 26 - Slam the Door on Breast Cancer!
    • Each FRMC is asked to decorate 1 door in their office in support of BCA.
    • Each FRMC will submit a photo of their door to Marketing on Thursday 26th by COB and Marketing will email employees Friday a poll to vote for their favorite door by Monday, October 30, and the winner announced in the newsletter and on social.
    • FRMCs can begin decorating on Monday the 23rd but will submit the photo Thursday.
    • There are no limits on what door you use (make sure you get necessary approvals), and creativity is encouraged!
    • Winning FRMC will receive 1 extra vacation day!
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